drum runner

Drum Hoist 5650

Drum Dumper 5600

Portable Drum Transporter 4550

Portable Pail Dumper 3600

The leading manufacturer of Drum Handling Equipment & Systems.

Drum Runner is a leading manufacturer of Drum Handling Equipment capable of Drum Lifting, Drum Transporting, Drum Weighing, Drum Dumping plus 5 gallon pail dumpers. Other Drum Handling Equipment includes Drum Dollies, Drum Racks, Drum Carts.

About Us

The Drum Runner Material Handling Company Inc. of Columbus, Ohio started in 1992 when Millard Cummins came in contact with a drum mover which was produced by a small machine shop in Marion , Ohio . The machine shop was attempting to add weigh capabilities to the newly designed drum handling equipment with little success. […]

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